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Meet Dr. Alex Otto

Dr. Alex Otto has significant experience in pediatric dental care and is the co-founder of Kids Tooth Team Outreach. She is a pediatric specialist and worked in pediatric private practices for over 9 years before founding Kids Tooth Team Outreach. Dr. Otto has completed two residencies (a GPR and pediatric specialty), both in a public health hospital setting. She recently served at Alaska’s Southcentral Foundation (SCF) in the capacity of pediatric dental resident, the second of her public health focused residencies. In her position at SCF, Dr. Otto provided pediatric dental care exclusively to the Alaska native population, which is among the most at-risk populations for dental caries in the United States.

Dr. Otto has extensive experience in the public health arena. Her first residency was at Denver Health, a level 1 trauma center and public health facility in Denver. In this capacity, she worked closely with other medical professionals to provide oral health services to the severely at-risk pediatric and adult population of Denver, including children and adults with special healthcare needs and disabilities.

During her second residency, Dr. Otto spent two years as a dental resident at Southcentral Foundation, a hospital that catered to the needs of the native population of Alaska and exclusively serviced these individuals. This experience allowed her to gain a better understanding of the challenges that families and children face in the underserved and remote areas of our country. This understanding will give Kids Tooth Team Outreach an outstanding foundation from which to service this community and break down some of the barriers to care that confront this population.

Dr. Alex Otto is also highly involved in organized dentistry and the dental community at large. She is currently an ADA Success Program speaker and travels the country to speak to dental students and new dentists on topics such as professionalism and ethics in dentistry, the state of the dental profession, and how to find a job. She has also been honored as a Fellow in the American College of Dentists; an ethics-based professional honorary society that fewer than 3.5% dentists in the country are invited to join. Additionally, Dr. Alex recently became a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry after completing 500 hours of continuing education and passing a rigorous fellowship exam that covered all aspects of dentistry.

Furthermore, Dr. Alex is one of 25 dentists in the country to be selected for the American Dental Association’s 2020-2021 Institute for Diversity in Leadership Class. Through this program, Dr. Alex has presented the Kids Tooth Team Outreach initiative to industry leaders and professionals nationwide to gain feedback and resources to ensure the success of this outreach program. Several of these individuals and alumni of this program have founded and created outstanding mobile outreach programs across the country. Dr. Alex is grateful to be given access to this network and to be able to discuss the foundation's plans, budget, and sponsorship partners in an effort to make Kids Tooth Team’s Outreach a success.

She was recently honored as one of the "Top 10 under 10" dentists in the country by the American Dental Association, largely due to her extensive efforts with co-founding Kids Tooth Team Outreach.

dr. alex and husband with her dog
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Meet Tim Otto

Tim Otto assists with the management of the foundation. He holds bachelor's degrees in both finance and management, as well as an International MBA from the University of Denver. He has successfully built and sold companies as an entrepreneur and has also served in management positions for Fortune 500 companies for over 7 years. Tim attends several conferences each year on mobile dentistry and has long been interested in providing healthcare from a mobile platform. Dr. Otto and Tim are residents of Buda, TX and are passionate about improving the lives of children in their community. 

dr. alex and husband with her dog
two dogs by a lakegreen circle
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