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The state of Texas has done an excellent job of securing dental care for its children. However, much remains to be done. With today’s advances in technology and healthcare, the opportunity to serve children that were previously isolated from quality oral healthcare is greater than ever. 

That's why we created Kids Tooth Team Outreach — a mobile dental clinic that proudly serves the underserved children of Texas.

But this mobile form of dental care has unique needs. Mobilization and maintenance of the van, supplies and materials, plus the cost of dental and operational staff are all huge factors. In order to succeed in our mission, we need your help!

Whether you're interested in volunteering your time or making a monetary donation, any form of support in any amount will go a long way. Sign up to volunteer or donate today!

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We're seeking dentists, dental assistants and pre-dental students to volunteer with Kids Tooth Team Outreach. If you are interested in volunteering, email info@kidstoothteamoutreach.org or fill out the form below.

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