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What We Do

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provide free dental care to underserved Children throughout Texas

Underserved children have statistically higher rates of caries, and therefore have an even greater need for the services of a pediatric specialist. With specialty trained doctors leading our mobile clinic, we provide general dentistry, restorative care, and treatment planning that aligns with industry best practices, all through our mobile dental clinic.

How it works

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Step 1

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We work together with schools, community organizations, and shelters to pre-screen children and obtain the necessary releases for treatment on the van.

Step 2

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Next, we work with the school to stage the van onsite to provide preventive procedures such as sealants as well as minor restorative procedures.

Step 3

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The ultimate goal is to match children with a permanent dental home, whether it be our foundation or one of our community partners.

Tour the Bus

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Communities and patients we serve

We will focus on identifying schools with the greatest need that are not currently being served by a mobile dental clinic. Our focus will be on rural and exurban areas in Caldwell County and surrounding communities. As we scale, our ability to provide dental services, it is our goal to increase our geographic footprint to include even more rural and remote areas. Our goal is to operate the dental van at schools throughout the year on a full-time basis.

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What to expect

It’s important for parents and partners to understand the care we provide for children on our mobile clinic, both the capabilities and limitations. When children receive care from Kids Tooth Team Outreach, they can expect the following: 

  • Patient safety is always top of mind. 
  • Oral health outcomes are equivalent to private practice standards. 
  • Treatment coordination will be provided for children requiring more comprehensive treatments. 
  • Treatment outcomes are always tracked to ensure the highest level of patient care.
  • We intend to maximize foundation grants through the use of synchronous and asynchronous teledentistry when possible. 
  • All services will be provided in strict accordance with state and federal laws.
  • All services are offered free of charge.
a little girl throwing a ballon in the air
a little girl throwing a ballon in the air

Creating a community of future leaders 

In addition to providing outstanding dental services and assisting children in finding a dental home, we are very intentional about the time we have been given with these young minds. During those walks from the classroom to the van, or in those moments before treatment begins, we have an opportunity to help them develop professional and interpersonal skills to become leadership-minded young adults. Through these informal — yet intentional — conversations, our team can engage children in discussions about what it means to be leaders in the community. 

Dr. Alex has a formal educational background in leadership and has been developing a relationship with the predental students at UT-Austin to implement a curriculum for which pre-dental undergraduate students can volunteer and assist with this leadership component of the program, while also getting the chance to work with the foundation and gain dental shadowing experience.

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